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Hole-In-One Club

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Pine Needles is proud to announce we already have a couple of Hole-In-One members for the 2021 golf season. Over the last few days, both our courses have witnessed this feat from two different players.

On June 1st, Mathieu Vautour hit a 7 iron on hole number #4 on the Pine course. He finished his round with a score of 79, witnessed by Christian Vautour, Craig Morrissey and Ronald LeBlanc.

Secondly, on June 13th, James Rinzler on hole #18 of the River hit a 5 iron for his hole-in-one. He finished the day with a score of 96 witnessed by Karen Rinzler.

A new member has joined the Hole-In-One Club on June 26th. Bernie Richard had a hole in one on the 6th hole of the Pine Course with a 5 wood. He brought back a final scorecard of 79 under the watchful eyes of witnesses Jacques Bourque, Omer Leger and Andre Leger.

We would like to congratulate both players for their incredible achievement and we look forward to seeing more people joining this exclusive club.


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